Vodafone broadband deals

It's one of the UK's big four mobile providers, but since 2015 Vodafone has also been offering high-speed home broadband packages. Though it's not known to have the best customer service, it regularly offers some decent promo deals.

What does Vodafone offer?

Vodafone has two main packages to choose from. It offers fast and superfast fibre broadband bundles, with line rental and a choice of call plans.

How good is Vodafone Broadband's customer service?

It's mixed. In our Feb 2019 poll on broadband customer service 32% of almost 267 MoneySavers rated it 'great', and 38% 'poor'.

Ofcom stats also show there's serious room for improvement. It was named the most complained about provider for both broadband and home phone, based on complaints per 100,000 customers, and only second in TV after BT.

Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone Broadband has two main broadband packages to choose from, both of which come with line rental and customisable phone options. The Superfast 1 package offers average speeds of up to 35Mb, while the Superfast 2 package offers speeds of up to 63Mb. The company guarantees certain minimum speeds and if this speed ever drops, its customers can claim a 15% discount until the problem is fixed.

Vodafone Broadband line rental

Line rental is included in both of Vodafone's broadband packages. If you want to make calls as well, you can choose to add on one or more of its call plans. These include Evening & Weekend calls, Anytime Landline & Mobile and International 300.