What's the difference between unlimited and truly unlimited broadband?

Although its relatively rare these days, some broadband providers offer deals with a download limit. There's usually a cap of 25GB per month and you'll be charged per GB you go over, which can be costly. Fortunately, most deals are either unlimited or truly unlimited:

  • Unlimited. No usage cap but providers may slow your home's speed down at peak times - called 'traffic management' - to ensure a stable connection for all users in your area.
  • Truly unlimited. Unlimited use with no 'traffic management' so you won't be slowed down.

Do I need unlimited broadband?

Unless you're confident you won't exceed the download limit, we'd suggest you steer clear of deals with a usage cap, especially as the best deals tend to be unlimited anyway. Even if they're not it's often worth paying a bit extra for unlimited broadband so you're not hit by big charges.