Relish broadband deals

A relatively new player in the home broadband market, Relish offers broadband without the need for line rental. It delivers broadband through 'plug and play' devices, which use 4G to get online. Relish offers a simple, competitive rate, with coverage currently limited to London and Swindon.

What does Relish offer?

Rather than a fixed line connection, Relish provides 4G devices to connect without wires. It has a simple pricing policy and only one speed option for those in Swindon and parts of London that can get it.

How good is Relish's customer service?

We've very limited feedback on Relish's customer service, but from what we've seen it's mixed.

Relish broadband

Relish offers one package called Home Unlimited, which is available on either a one-month or 12-month contract. The provider promises average speeds of 20Mbs in London and 24Mbs in Swindon. However, this can vary due to local factors, like thick walls and tall buildings. The one-month contract comes with an upfront fee.

Relish line rental

With Relish there is no line rental as your internet connection comes through 4G signal instead of a fixed line