Utility Warehouse broadband and phone - what you get

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse isn't a straightforward broadband provider - rather, it's a discount club that offers broadband, home phone, mobile phone service and energy, and gives you a better deal the more services you take.

It's also unusual in that it doesn't advertise, but relies on 'independent distributors' - customers who pay to become a kind of salesperson, and then get paid to recruit others.

What does Utility Warehouse offer?

Utility Warehouse has the usual range of broadband packages, all of which come with line rental. It also offers a wide selection of Sim only mobile phone deals and traditional mobile contracts, piggybacking off the EE network; and is a gas and electricity provider.

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How good is Utility Warehouse customer service?

It generally gets very good feedback - though matters are complicated by the fact that some customers who choose to be independent distributors are incentivised to recruit others.

In our Feb 2018 broadband customer service poll, 218 MoneySavers gave Utility Warehouse a resounding thumbs up. A big 87% rated it "great", while just 6% said it was "poor". Though who knows if they're giving their true opinion.

Utility Warehouse broadband

There are three Utility Warehouse broadband packages:

  • Standard Broadband. Average speeds of 11Mb, and no monthly usage cap if you live in Utility Warehouse's main network area (if you don't, it can offer you standard broadband through BT but this comes with a 100GB monthly download limit). There's usually no minimum contract, just a 30-day notice period.
  • Ultra Fibre Broadband. Average fibre speeds of 35Mb with no monthly usage cap, on an 18-month contract.
  • Ultra+ Fibre Broadband. Average superfast fibre speeds of 63Mb with no monthly usage cap, again on an 18-month contract.

Utility Warehouse line rental

Line rental comes as standard with Utility Warehouse's broadband deals. Calls to other Utility Warehouse members, either on landline or mobile, are always free. Call discount packages you can add include:

  • Off Peak Saver. Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, at weekends and between 7pm and 7am during the week.
  • Peak Saver. Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time.
  • International Boost. 1,000 mins every month to call 50 international destinations.

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