Sky TV, broadband and phone - what you get


Sky is the UK's biggest digital TV provider, and perhaps best known for its movies and sports channels - with its extensive Premier League coverage the jewel in its crown. Yet it's also the UK's second most popular broadband firm and offers home phone too.

What does Sky offer?

While Sky is famous for its Sky TV subscription service, it's also a major provider of broadband packages - both standard-speed and fibre - and Sky Talk is its home phone service. It also runs its own mobile phone service Sky Mobile, which 'piggybacks' on the O2 network.

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How good is Sky's customer service?

In our most recent poll on broadband customer service in July 2017 it performed OK, with 31% of the 1,200-odd MoneySavers rating it 'great' and a similar 29% saying it was 'poor'. With TV, customer satisfaction seems to be very good - Sky attracts by far the fewest number of complaints per 100,000 subscribers of any of the major pay TV providers, according to Ofcom stats.

Sky TV & Sky Q

Sky TV requires a satellite dish, which you'll need to get installed - it'll be fitted to the outside of your home by a Sky engineer.

Sky offers a range of TV packages:

  • Original bundle - it provides 270+ channels including Sky Atlantic and Sky 1
  • Variety bundle - the Original bundle plus entertainment, music, kids' and documentary channels
  • Box Sets bundle - the Variety bundle, Sky Box Sets, plus HD and 3D version of included channels
  • Cinema bundle - the Original bundle plus 11 movie channels and over 1,000 movies on demand
  • Sports bundles - these include the Original bundle plus a choice of one, two, three or all 10 Sports channels
  • Complete bundle - all of the above, including box sets on demand, Sky 3D and the HD upgrade for Sports and Movies channels

All of Sky's new TV packages now come with a new-ish Sky Q box, which allows you to record and store your favourite programmes. There are two main boxes it offers.

  • The 1TB box allows you to store up to 150 hours of HD content. You can also record three live shows at the same time, on different channels to the one you're watching.
  • The 2TB box - which you'll pay extra for - has twice the storage, allows you to watch Ultra HD (4K content) and lets you record six live shows at the same time while watching another.

In addition, Sky Q miniboxes allow you to have Sky TV in more than one room.

Sky broadband

Sky has a range of broadband packages. All come with Sky Talk line rental as well - there's no broadband-only option. Here are its different packages:

  • Sky Broadband Unlimited. Its standard option, available to 99% of the UK, and up-to-17Mb speed.
  • Sky Fibre. This comes with up-to-38Mb speed, available to 83% of the UK with a 25GB monthly usage limit.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited. This is the same as above but with no usage cap.
  • Sky Fibre Max. This is the same as above but with up to 76Mb superfast fibre speeds.

Sky line rental

All of Sky's broadband packages require you to take line rental too, through its Sky Talk service.

If you simply get its basic Sky Pay-as-you-Talk package so that you can have broadband, calls won't be included. If you'll use it to make calls, there are a range of packages you can pay for, including:

  • Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra - includes calls to UK mobiles and landlines at weekends and between 7pm and 7am in the week.
  • Sky Anytime Extra - includes unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines, including 0870 and 0845 numbers.

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