Broadband and Phone deals

For the majority of deals you will still need a phone line to connect to the internet - even if you don't use your landline to make calls. There are usually line rental only options which mean you will pay extra for any calls you make, however if you still like a natter on the home phone, its often cheaper to add on a call package. These vary with each provider but often include options such as:

  • Weekend calls
  • Weekend and Evening calls
  • Anytime Landline calls
  • Anytime Landline and Mobile calls
  • Unlimited UK calls
  • International calls

I don't use my landline, can I find a deal where I don't need to pay line rental?

You can, though it's not often worth it. Virgin Media is the only major provider that allows you to have broadband with no phone line, but it's usually cheaper to take a deal for broadband AND line rental from it or another firm.

How can I reduce the cost of line rental by paying upfront?

If your provider offers the option - and many including BT and Plusnet do - paying upfront is usually the cheapest way to get line rental. These providers will usually have a monthly price for line rental and an annual cost which is discounted, sometimes by 30/yr. Though, when you pay upfront there's always a risk you'll lose cash if the provider goes bust, however the risk's smaller with the large providers that dominate the broadband market.